Building Management System


Hager is a German leading brand of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Future Technologies represents Hagerís wide scale of products ranging from energy distribution through cable management and wiring accessories to building automation and security systems.

The core competency of Hager is electro-mobility, Ambient Assisted Living, where building automation facilitates the everyday life of the elderly and individuals who require care, and on the networking of energy-efficient housing, which will provide greater comfort while requiring less energy consumption.

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ABB is a global leader in automation technologies which is on a flat form of Future Technologies so that we can offer the best solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customersí operations while minimizing environmental impact and providing cost savings. Innovation is at the forefront of what ABB do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered.

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Future Technologies offers Tutondoís luxury sound and communication systems for home or in the restaurant, whether you’re relaxing or working, wherever music and information have an important influence on organization, service, well-being.

Transmitting songs, announcements, entertainment, emergency messages, means communicating with different people in different places at different times. Tutondo offers practical,†original solutions†for the sound track accompanying your daily life.

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Future Technologies offer the products of Eelectron, which is a reliable Italian company that manufactures electronic hardware devices and software on standard†KNX.

Eelectron product range is targeted at areas of hotel automation,home evolution†and†buildingautomation.†Member of†KNX Association†in the Manufacturer category since 2005.

Eelectronís†creation is of highly innovative devices, combined with the interoperability of†KNX†and to compliance with the most stringent international quality standards.

The Eelectron experience is dedicated to users, with constant training activities, product support and continuous development that address its particular attention to the needs and emerging applications, energy savings and the creation of simple and efficient solutions.

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